My goal is for you to be able to reclaim your personal power and happiness. Our work together is based on a specific type of questioning, conversation and some online work that will open your mind to your greatness.

When I agree to work with a client, I prefer to set it up as a 6 – 10 weeks plan. In some cases a single session or two can get you going but with six to eight sessions our working covers so much more and gets you further ahead.

Being a M.Ed. teacher myself working a lot with CBT (Cognitive Behavior Theory) along with personal life coaching, I coach you to get started on your journey to make some major changes in your life. We work on finding out what you really want – and what is stopping you from getting there. You are the one leading the way – you´re the one with all the answers – my role is to assist you in getting closer to find them.

Often we are struggeling with some issues that we need to take a close look at to be able to go on and leave our worries behind. Somewhere along our journey of life we have got caught in some kind of a loop, a loop of worries, a loop of low selfesteem or i.e. social anxiety. A loop we really need to get out of to be able to stop the discomfort so we can stand up straight and take off like the Phoenix. Here is one of the places where I come in as I help you getting closer to understand your own stopsigns, to see if they are for real or just some confusing and out of date negative thoughts playing tricks on you.