My story

It was in 1998 that I experienced for the first time the magnifying positive effect personal coaching can have on one´s life. At that time I had been a foreign language teacher at a middle school for almost twenty years as well as teaching some college students and writing textbooks. Shortly after beeing coached I decided to become a personal coach myself one day. Since then I have had a lot of personal training and experience to become an effective personal coach and trainer. For the last 10 years I have been coaching individuals of all ages, along with giving seminars and talks on personal development, how to grow your self esteem and selfconficence, how to find your passion and how to get closer to fulfilling your goals. Assisting clients in getting over their worries, light depression or social anxiety by helping them taking a closer look at their negative thoughts and feelings has also been a great part of my work with my clients for the last four years. Since 2004 I have been working in my own business as well as being a facilitator with an international personal development firm. Until now most of my coaching has been in my office in Reykjavik but a part of it has been run via Skype to clients out in the country of Iceland and also via Skype to Denmark, Norway and Great Britain.  It is with great pleasure that I now offer my service via the internet as „your coach online!“

1972 Teacher. The teacher training college in Iceland.
1973 a year long further studies for teachers at the Danish teacher training college in Denmark.
1973 – 1976 Language studies. The University of Copenhagen.
1980 Foreign language teacher. The University of Iceland.
1984-1994 Business owner, a book store.
1998 – 2003 A facilitator at Brian Tracy International in Iceland, BT´s course „Phoenix, the way to maximizing success“
2004 M.Ed., Master of education, University of Iceland
2004 Established her business, Námstækni ehf., where she has since been giving classes, courses, seminars and talks on i.e. establishing and empowering one´s selfesteem, self confidence and enhancing other means to excel. Since 2012 also about depression, social fobia, anxiety, fear and more topics where CBT can be a big help.
2004 PhotoReading instructor, credentials from Learning Strategies Corporation in Minneapolis, USA
2005 Train the trainer I (in L.A. USA), credentials by Peak Potentials
2005 Attendance at the Maximizing Success by Debbie Allen and Patricia Drain in AZ USA
2006 – 2008 Feng Shui studying with Marie Diamond Feng  Shui master. Jona does some Feng Shui consultation in Iceland as well as online.
2007-2008 Business studies for women. Bifrost University in Iceland.
2010 got the ACC credentials from ICF, The International Coach Federation.
2012 a diploma in CBT, Cognitive  Behavioral Therapy. University of Iceland in cooperation with the University of Oxford, Great Britain.
2019 published a textbook (in Icelandic) for teans on study tecniques, goal setting and selfempowering. Prior to this Jona has written and published several textbooks in Danish for Icelandic students.  
2021 PCC credentials, Personal Certified Coach via The International Coach Federation, ICF.