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Get on the fast track

During our work together you may discover that you posess a great deal of skills that you are not making use of today. I want to assist you to find out how you want and are able to do, how to grow your self esteem and self conficence, how to find your passion and how to get closer to fulfilling your goals. You´ll get a set of methods and tools that will enable you to keep getting further ahead.

Life passes by at the blick of the eye or so it seems. There are so many things you want to do, so many goals you want to reach. You are busy taking care of things every day – and all of a sudden one more year has gone by and you are still at the starting point.

Personal coaching and working with CBT helps you getting a more clear picture of what you are capable of. As you get a more clear perspective of your personal challenges it becomes easier for you to find a way to enhance the neccessary skillset you need to reach your personal goals. You may realise that you posess a much greater power within than you ever imagined.


Get off the Roundabout

Your thoughts may have been given you a hard time causing you to start believing that you cannot get from where your are to where you want to be. As thousands of thoughts are constantly bombarding your brain every second of the day, you pretty much notice more the negative ones. Those negative thoughts drain your energy, you find yourself confused and sometimes troubled as you feel you are no good, your selfworth is poor and your self confidence is slowly going down the hill.

Your everydaylife doesn´t have to be this way. It´s up to you to change things around. I can assist you doing just that. Your thoughts may have been playing a trick on you. You are able replace your negative thoughts with some more positive ones and start working on solutions rather than getting stuck in a roundabout that leeds to nowhere.

You are a precious human being!

Don´t let others tell you what you can or cannot do with and in your life. This is your life! You are a very special and precious person with great skills. Noone can tell you how to feel or think. Others may try and perhaps you

How can you benefit from working with me as your coach online?

My goal is for you to be able to reclaim your personal power and happiness. Our work together is based on a specific type of questioning, conversation and some online work that will open your mind to your greatness.

When I agree to work with a client, I prefer to set it up as a 6 – 10 weeks plan. In some cases a single session or two can get you going but with six to eight sessions our working covers so much more and gets you further ahead.

Being a M.Ed. teacher myself working a lot with CBT (Cognitive Behavior Theory) along with personal life coaching, I coach you to get started on your journey to make some major changes in your life. We work on finding out what you really want – and what is stopping you from getting there. You are the one leading the way – you´re the one with all the answers – my role is to assist you in getting closer to find them.

Often we are struggeling with some issues that we need to take a close look at to be able to go on and leave our worries behind. Somewhere along our journey of life we have got caught in some kind of a loop, a loop of worries, a loop of low selfesteem or i.e. social anxiety. A loop we really need to get out of to be able to stop the discomfort so we can stand up straight and take off like the Phoenix. Here is one of the places where I come in as I help you getting closer to understand your own stopsigns, to see if they are for real or just some confusing and out of date negative thoughts playing tricks on you.